Old Bethpage Village Restoration

Old Bethpage, NY

March 4-5, 2017

Happening with the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market


Friday  -  Haunted Bus Tour Departure at 5:00pm

​Clarion Hotel

Saturday Panels and Workshops

Amityville Room - Downstairs

12:00pm  -  Contact Lenses Can Be Fun - LC Macabre

12:30pm  -  Creating a Character with FX Artist Beatrice Sniper

2:00pm  -  Gettysburg Ghost Gals Panel

3:30pm  -  The Bridgewater Triangle - John Brightman "Ghost Adventures"

4:45pm  -  Paint and Texture for your Haunt with Joe Allocco

6:00pm  -  Immersive Horror Experience vs. Haunted Attractions 

Hewitt Room - Lobby

11:45am  -  LI Haunted Locations - LI Paranormal Investigators

1:00pm  -  "Those Left Behind" - Victorian Spirit Photography

2:15pm  -  Introduction to the KRAMPUS - Rob Corsino

3;30pm - Haunted Attractions Auditions

4:45pm  -  Airbrushing 101 - Kyle Pasciutti  ($10/pp class)

6:15pm  -  TRAUMA 101 - Out of Kit EFx - Steve Siegelbaum  ($25/pp class)

Bates Balcony - Upstairs Above Hotel Front Desk

11:30am  -  Haunted Highways with John Brightman  (This panel is for those individuals who experienced the Haunted Bus Tour on the Friday evening)

1:00pm  -  The Truth About Owning Your First Haunted Attraction! - Leonard Pickel

2:15pm  -   Demonology 101 - LI Paranormal Investigators

3:30pm  -  Dangers of the Paranormal - Matthew Hass

4:45pm  -   And I Must Scream: Body Horror in Japanese Animation

5:45pm  -  The History of October Haunting - Leonard Pickel

7:00pm  -  Music Madness: Making Wrong Things Sound Right - Robert J. Frankenberg

                 Sponsored by: www.LIHauntedHouses.com 

Haddonfield Stage - Downstairs

1:45pm  -  Haunters Round Table Discussion 
                 Sponsored by: www.LIHauntedHouses.com

Saturday Performances

Haddonfield Stage - Downstairs

12:15pm  -  Death Knights: Presented by the Majestic Kingdom of Avalon

1:30pm  -  Tribal Dance Long Island

2:45pm  -  SPFX Makeup Wars Competition: EVIL DEITIES (90 min contest)

4:15pm  -  Tribal Dance Long Island

5:00pm  -  Demon Boy Band

6:15pm  -  RetroFeelYa Band

7:15pm  -  Calixta Starr

8:00pm  -  Project The Night: Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast Experience

10:00pm  -  Scare-Oke

Camp Crystal Lake Stage - Upstairs Vendor Room

12:45pm  -  Gene Ryman "Mr. Oblivion"

1:45pm  -  Alia Lorae

2:45pm  -  Brandon K. Williams - Magician

3:45pm  -  Psyche Corporation

4:45pm  -  Costume Contest

6:00pm  -  Ladies of the Afterlife Fashion Show

Sunday Panels and Workshops

Amityville Room - Downstairs

12:30pm  -  Contact Lenses Can Be Fun - LC Macabre

1:00pm  -  Tarot, Psychics, Wonder, Oh My! - Julie Rose

2:15pm  -  Haunted Sleepy Hollow - Krystal Madison

3:30pm  -  Different Stones Used in the Paranormal - Theresa Santoro

Hewitt Room - Lobby

12:15pm  -  The History Behind the "JINN" - LI Paranormal Investigators

1:30pm  -  Surviving Evidence - The Boy of Geneseo with Christopher DiCesare

2:45pm  -  Killer Watts! Lighting Your Haunt with Kyle Pasciutti

4:00pm  -  Interactive Q&A with LI Paranormal Investigators

Bates Balcony - Upstairs Above Hotel Registration Desk

1:00pm  -  Cheap Scares: Maximum Fright Factor On A Budget - Leonard Pickel

2:15pm  -  The Exorcism of Emily Rose with Chris Vickers

4:15pm  -  Roconciling Faith and Your Haunt - Todd Iredell

Sunday Performances

Haddonfield Stage - Downstairs

12:15pm  -  Samhain Drum Circle Celebration

1:30pm  -  The Grave Gear Orchestra

3:00pm  -  Zen Bock Primal Blues Band

Camp Crystal Lake Stage - Upstairs Vendor Room

1:00pm  -  Tribal Dance Long Island

1:30pm  -  Gene Ryman "Mr. Oblivion"

2:45pm  -  Nicole Oliva "Dark Side of Opera"

3:45pm  -  Kid's Costume Contest