SATURDAY   -   AUGUST 1, 2015   -  Voodoo Terror Tribe -  9:00 PM

SATURDAY   -   AUGUST 1, 2015   -  Demon Boy -  7:30 PM

"Singer looking for aggressive rock band" - six words in a local music paper brought together four New York musicians who would emerge two years later as Born of Scars. This quartet has spent those two years writing, recording, and performing. As the name Born of Scars suggests, their music is as intimate as it is inspiring, drawing on their rock, classical, and progressive influences to create music that is a powerful, personal expression and view into their world. Their fans are a huge inspiration to them and they look forward to performing for and meeting listeners as they gear up to tour the United States in 2010. With the release of their debut CD, the band looks forward to a busy year ahead! 


Experience the beauty, culture and arts of the Mysterious East. Caravan Connection NY and Tribal Dance Long Island are devoted to bringing the Middle Eastern Arts to you.  Experience East Coast Tribal Fusion Belly Dance as both audience and student. 

Classes are forming regularly and dancers are available for your next gathering, cultural event or party. Caravan Connection specializes as well in the Ancient Art of Henna with beautiful traditional and modern designs for Weddings, celebrations and parties.

Our in house Undead Dj will be spinning the hottest hits to keep your feet moving all night long.  From ghoulish to groovy he will leave your heart racing and your blood pumping through the midnight hours!

A passion for music and eclectic as hell. DJ Tonez has been into music before he knew he could sing.

Whether its writing lyrics, composing music, playing open mics or just DJing, Tonez strives to be the best he can be and entertain all around him.  Very well versed, Tonez can play Piano, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, and Drums ( Some days ) and most of all SING. 

Formed in New Jersey, USA by Emir Erkal on guitars (an Istanbul, Turkey native, moved to USA in order to take his musical career to the next level) and long time friend T-Bone on drums, the duo soon brought in Primer on bass and topped off this new up and coming alt-metal band with the masterfully vocalized emotional poetry by vocalist Gil Pz​.  If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the next VTT release. Now we have become Death, the destroyer of worlds…!

Welcome to the World Of Demon Boy! The Fastest rising Horror Rock Star in his Genre'. Following in the Likes of Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie comes a performer to help break the mold of mediocrity in a world that shoves pre-fabricated music down our throats. Demon Boy has successfully gained a strong foothold in the pop subculture of music as well as crossing over into many genre's of music to prove as an all around marketable act he is one to be taken seriously as a Horror Rock Icon in the New Generation of theatrical performers.


  AUGUST 1, 2015   -   7:00 PM  -  2:00 AM

Featuring Model

Missy Heather

Born of Scars

SATURDAY   -   AUGUST 1, 2015   -  Born of Scars -  9:00 PM

12:00 AM

Got what it takes to blow the audience away?! 

Here is your chance! Scareoke!

Bring your golden voice to the stage at Haunt Faire!