Congratulations to the Winners of Haunt Faire's Macabre Faire Film Festival showcase this past August 1-2, 2015

Best Feature - Athena
Best Director - Robert W. Filion - Athena
Best Cinematography - Athena
Best Editing - Paranormal Halloween
Best Soundtrack - Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween
Best Screenplay - The Houses October Built
Best SPFX - Volumes of Blood
Best Actor - Matthew Ewald - Athena
Best Actress - Brandy Schaefer - The Houses October Built

Best Short - A Tricky Treat
Best Director - Patricia Chica - A Tricky Treat
Best Cinematography - Inner Land
Best Editing - A Tricky Treat
Best Soundtrack - Howl of a Good Time
Best Screenplay - Bloody Mary
Best SPFX - A Tricky Treat
Best Actor - Brennan Taylor - What's Eating Dad?
Best Actress - Andromachie Madridou - Inner Land

Audience Choice Poster - The Houses October Built
Audience Choice Feature - Paranormal Halloween
Audience Choice Short - Son of Piggyzilla Trilogy