Creating Killer Advertising Campaigns is all about educating haunters on a subject that most are unfamiliar with.  The workshop will include the following topics:

Media Buying / Copywriting / Digital Marketing / Mass Media
Public Relations / Understanding the Marketing Mix
Creative Direction / Video Production / Print / Art Direction / Events

Creating Killer Advertising Campaigns - Will Puntarich

Defense against Zombies!!! - Gooljitzu

Haunt Design Do's and Don'ts:

Avoiding Common Errors That Decreases Your Effectiveness


Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, I can help you create a”theme park” quality show on a budget that won’t SCARE you! People will ask you one question before entering your show, “Is it really Scary”? Let my 30 years of haunt design, construction and operations show you how to out-haunt your competition! In this faced paced, “in your face” class, you will learn:

How to turbo-charge your Scare-Factor! How to increase your attendance! How to generate press and publicity! How to generate additional income! The 13 “BEST” scares!!!! The Top five mistakes that lead to an unsuccessful show! How to design your show right, the first time! How to get “real” sponsorships! How to keep them coming back year after year! You can’t afford to miss this class!!!!

Huntington Room, Saturday @ 1:00pm


What Really Scares People?

13 Secrets that will scare your patrons and competition alike!

 Even a home haunt goes through very detailed steps when planning the year's attraction. These creation process steps  include:  gathering artistic ideas, creating a theme, incorporating a storyline,  changing it up every year,  promoting and marketing. 

Joe Allocco has been a professional artist for over 35 years and operates Joe Faux Designs, his decorative painting business, for over 11 years. He has incorporated his artistic talents into the creation of the award winning "Franklin Square Horror" in Franklin Square, NY. The haunt was chosen by FEARnet as one of the scariest home haunts in the country and featured on FEARnet Television Series, Route 666: America's Scariest Home Haunts. The Franklin Square Horror has been featured on Fox 5 News, News 12 Long Island, Fios 1, TV55 News, NY Newsday,  Long Island Press,  Franklin Square Herald - the list goes on and on. In 2013 Joe received a Certificate of Recognition for 17 years of Community Service from The Town of Hempstead for his Haunt and was chosen as  "Hero of Long Island" for his charitable contributions on FIOS 1's Cable Television Show, "Heroes of Our Island." 

Boardroom Room, Saturday @ 5:00pm


Creating a Successful Home Haunt!

Themed Attraction Designer Leonard Pickel travels the country each October searching for new design concepts and keeping abreast of what the industry is doing. In these travels he has noticed some great new
scare ideas and some common mistakes that haunt designers are making.

This session covers both the best and the worst attraction design concepts in the industry; why the great ones are working and how to fix the designs that are not. Drastically increase the scare factor of
your attraction and get some great new ideas for your next haunt design in this lively session.

Huntington Room, Sunday @ 3:30pm

Self Defense System designed for Zombie Defense

A former American Council of exercise and American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.
A student of Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and A instructor of Capoeira
A Boarding Team and Crew member of the United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue/ Federal law enforcement Unit 
And a proactive Zombie Fan since the early 1980's.
Creator of Gooljitzu a Fitness and Self Defense System designed for Zombie Defense
Conducted many classes at Timescare, YMCA, and Google NY.
Present on a Panel at Big Apple Con, and Montclair State University

Brookhaven Room, Saturday @ 2:00pm  & Sunday @  4:00pm



Hellraising - Paris Cullins

Join me in a Interactive reminiscence of my time and work with the famed horror Arthur Clive Barker from designs and comic work for his Hellraiser collection to his experimental and controversial comics series the razor line come and share with both audiences and speaker all of his work and the creations we hope to see in the future maybe a story or two you never expected to hear

Huntington Room, Saturday @3:30 pm

SketchUp 101: 3D CAD Drawing Basics


Get 'Em Out Quick! Airbrushing 101

Owner of Decimated Designs and IWATA certified airbrush educator, Kyle Pasciutti has been a part of the haunt industry for the past 16 years. With well over 1,000 zombie makeups under his belt, Kyle's credits can be seen everywhere from IMDB to wedding magazines, theater programs to children's books, zombie runs and, of course, countless haunts.

This class will introduce the basics of airbrushing. From choosing which brush is right for you to cleaning your gun, we’ll delve into everything you need to get started. Topics covered: picking your equipment, products to use, technique, cleaning, add-ons, and safety! You WILL be using a brush during this class!         *Admission to this event is a separate fee from the cost of this class. You must have your event pass and reserved seat to enter this class.*

*$10 class fee redeemable in IWATA Products at the Decimated Designs booth

How do you go about making a Line Entertainer Character or Key Haunt-Actor Character from Scratch?  
Once you have one, what does it look like, what should he/she/it say?  What should it NOT say!  Most importantly, how do you use it to properly promote your attraction and entertain your guests? 

These we will uncover in this fun informative seminar with Ed Gannon.  Nearly 30 years of success, a few mistakes and experience, not to mention the stories will prepare you to bring your New Monster to Life!

Huntington Room, Saturday @ 4:30pm


Creating a Premium Haunt Character and How to Use it!

This Workshop will show how to create different painting techniques when designing and creating props for your Haunt. Such as faux finishing tombstones and column and or pillars.

Joe Allocco has been an Artist his whole life and won numerous awards in many different art categories. He is the sole owner and operator of Joe Faux Designs, which specializes in Decorative Painting and Faux Finishes. His business won the Best of Long Island for Interior Design 2 years in a row and has been featured on TLC channel's Four Homes and shown in House Magazine. Joe uses his technical painting skills every Halloween on his Award Winning Home Haunt - The Franklin Square Horror.

Boardroom Room, Sunday @ 3:00pm


Paint and Texture Workshop

Inventive Costuming

The UNTOLD history of Halloween horrors, REAL haunted houses, vampires (yes, they're real!) Zombies, witches, ghosts, even werewolves have their counterparts in our real world and they walk among us!

Author, lecturer and 21st century sorcerer/ wizard Qumran Taj will regail you with tales of real-life Halloween horrors. He will answer all your questions about that little known side of life hiding in the shadows. Brace yourself for a spooky fun time!"

Amphitheater, Saturday @ 3:30pm  Limited to 65 Seats  FEE $5.00

This workshop is about using the basic principles of story telling to help haunt managers create more compelling attractions for their guests.

N. M. Scuri is a short story author, novelist, college instructor, and editor. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and her work has appeared in The Spectral Times, as well as the horror anthology Sins of the Past. When she’s not terrorizing freshmen or posting two-sentence horror stories, she’s tending to her schnauzer, Yoshi’s, social media footprint and frightening her relatives.

You can find her at

​Huntington Room, Saturday @ 12:00pm


This very basic class is for people who have never used SketchUp or any CAD program before. SketchUp is a free 3D Computer Aided Design program used by amusement parks like Universal Studios Orlando to
document and visualize the attractions for Halloween Horror Nights.

 Industry notable Leonard Pickel will instruct the attendees in how to use SketchUp(R) to draft and render a 3D, square grid haunted house. Bring your laptop WITH a version of SketchUp already installed (A wireless mouse is required for the proper use of SketchUp). Attendees will receive proprietary CAD files to keep for their use. Go to to download SketchUp for free.

Ampitheater, Sunday @ 1:00pm

Amphitheater, Saturday @ 5:00pm

FEE $15 pp

Limited to 25 Students

Q&A with Barbara Magnolfi of Suspiria

Come and enjoy a Q&A with horror movie icon; Barbara Magnolfi. Hear first hand stories while on the set of Suspiria and what it was like to work with Legendary Italian Horror Movie Director; Dario Argento! 

Barbara Magnolfi is best known as Jessica Harper's venomous college roommate Olga in Dario Argento's terrifying horror cult classic "Suspiria" and the troubled main character in the lurid giallo "The Sister of Ursula." 

Brookhaven Room, Sunday @ 1:30pm

Boardroom Room, Saturday @ 12:00pm

Huntington Room, Sunday @ 12:30pm

$10.00 Per Person

Nicolai Patrick Photography

Are you interested in working for a Haunted Attraction? Want to know the way of the ghouls?

This is the class for you! Come and learn from Master Haunters how to scare the right way!

Ghoul School 101 is taught by Mike Meola (Darkside Haunted House) and Tony Arone (The Haunted Mansion of Melville). You will learn the correct way to scare your customers to get the best bang for their buck. Learn industry techniques and tricks to creating some of the best scare tactics around.

Diplomat Room, Saturday @ 12:30pm  &  Sunday @ 12:30pm


Ghoul School 101

Steampunk Works will provide last minute tip on how to put costumes together using local thrift shop finds, craft stores and things lying around the house to make an awesome outfit and film worthy.

Steampunk Works has created costumes for such productions as:
"DEAD STILL" SyFy channel
"Bloodsoaked" Voodoo Terror Tribe
1000 Costume & Cosplay Ideas
"Wicked Women" Magazine

Huntington Room, Saturday @ 2:00pm 

This demo session will show you how to create  bloody and realistic wounds and injuries using modeling wax, latex and a few kinds of fake blood.  Learn the tricks to applying modeling wax for easier application .

Stephanie of "Bloody Sabo" FX is winner of the 2015 SPFX Make Up Contests at the N.Y. Horror Show judged by SyFy channel's "Monster Man" Cleve Hall. She is also the head SPFX make up artist for Chamber of Horrors located in Hauppauge, NY .

Brookhaven Room, Sunday @ 12:00pm 


Makeup 101:

Blood, Guts & Gore!

Top 5 Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Haunted House Business!

Designing From the Inside Out

In this thought provoking session Leonard Pickel owner of Hauntrepreneurs Themed Attraction Design and Consulting Firm, will explain how he uses his Architectural education and over 35 year
design experience to create terrifying Haunted Attractions, and how you can use these methods to strike terror into the hearts of your patrons.

 Take your attraction to the next level by taking this exciting class.

Boardroom Room, Saturday @ 3:30pm

The Story of Your Haunt:

Keeping Your Guests Engaged

What the Hell was that?

Haunt Audio Engineering with Robert Frankenberg









Need a creative outlet for all of your ghoulish creativity bright out at Haunt- Faire?

Come join us for a paint session of "Paint the Fright!"  

Brushes, paint, canvas and smocks will be provided, as well as step by step guidance.

With almost twenty years as a painter, Saeeda Thompson, artist and educator joins Haunt-Faire for the "Paint the Fright" guided paint session. Her artistic creations range from painting, and sculpture to special effects make-up, and prop-design and creation. Her works can be seen in many local businesses on Long Island, as well as at the Haunt-Faire exhibit.


Paint the Fright!

Psychic, Occult teacher and author Qumran Taj reveals how the ability to interact freely with the spiritual realm all around us is a natural part of being human. In this step-by-step program you will discover how seeing, talking and even interacting with “the other side” is within easy reach of even the average person with no special psychic gift. According to the Wizard Qumran Taj this ability is your birthright!

He will identify the Do's and Don't's of the process as well as explain how to tell the difference between real spirit contact and mere figments of your imagination.

Amphitheater, Sunday @ 2:00pm  Limited to 65 seats  FEE $5.00


"How to “Tune In” to the Spirit World


Extreme Haunting is a debated trend sweeping across the industry but, whether you love it or hate it, it is a trend that isn't going away anytime soon.

Join Will Puntraich, creator of D E A D of N I G H T as he talks in length about the process of creating an extreme haunt and their new McKamey Manor collaboration to bring DYSTOPIA HORROR HOUSE to            Long Island!

Be some of the FIRST to get the inside scoop on the terror that is coming to the Northern East Coast! 

     Amphitheater, Saturday @ 12:00pm  90 minutes!  $5.00 Fee

​Limited to 65 seats! Get your tickets today!

A group discussion with the owners of various haunts!

​Come and listen to them discuss different opinions

and views on the industry,  costumes, animatronics and more! 

Owners!  Fabricators!  Makeup Artists!  Costume Designers!  Sound Engineers! Payroll Specialist!


Boardroom Room, Saturday @ 2:30pm


"The Real Truth Behind Haunted Halloween!"

Need to enhance your Haunted Attraction? Want to bring your old animatronic back to life?!

Want to create a  scare or scene that will leave your customers running for the exit?!

Come and learn techniques and tricks from Robert Frankenberg himself!

Robert Frankenberg is the owner of Grave Gear Studios and has been writing soundtracks and engineering sound FX  for some of the top haunts in the country. He has also produced and engineered soundtracks for Gore Galore as well as engineered Sound FX for some of their animatronics and puppets.

Also Grave Gear Studios has produced one of the most state of the art 5D stage shows in the Haunt Industry.

Robert will walk you through recording / editing techniques and programs utilizing music and sound FX

                                                                              efficiently in your haunted attraction.                                                                               ​Amphitheater, Sunday @ 12:00pm


Navigating through the treacherous pitfalls in the business of a Haunted Attraction Event is a horrendous task for even seasoned veterans, and what you don’t know will kill you!

In this session industry legend Leonard Pickel boils down his 34 years of professional haunting experience into the five most important aspects of the October seasonal business that are the difference between being hugely successful and out of business.

​Amphitheater, Saturday @ 1:30pm

Round Table Discussions